CTA Travel Agency – Hopkins, SC – Charles and Lillie Woodrow (part 2)

Charles and Lillie Woodrows couple close up shot

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

The Woodrows and others stayed at sea for almost nine hours before it was deemed safe enough to continue island hopping. Despite almost participating in one the worst natural disasters of the past century, they still describe their experience as “most enjoyable.”

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

“It’s hard to pick a favorite island in Hawaii as each has its own distinct beauty,” said Charles. “It’s very difficult to pick one over the other and I don’t think I can.”

Their vacation was even more enjoyable because they saved money by using Cruises, Travel and Attractions’ travel agency and utilizing its website, www.thevacationstationmembers.com.

When it was all over, they rated the company’s customer service as excellent.
Best of all, because the Woodrows are members of Cruises, Travel and Attractions, they received a rebate check after their vacation was over, saving them even more money. While they are staying closer to home for their next vacation, Cruises, Travel and Attractions will still be available to help them plan their trip and keep more money in their pockets.

CTA Travel Agency – Hopkins, SC – Charles and Lillie Woodrow (part 1)

Charles and Lillie Woodrows couple full length photo

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

Charles and Lillie Woodrow of Hopkins, South Carolina, have been members of Vacation Inspiration for two years but didn’t decide to take their first trip to Europe until last year.


“We had a good experience, so we booked another vacation this year through Cruises, Travel and Attractions and headed to Hawaii,” said Charles Woodrow. “While we won’t travel as far from home next time, we will definitely utilize our membership with Cruises, Travel and Attractions again.”

A 15-day vacation to Hawaii is a dream vacation and one the Woodrows won’t soon forget – but for another reason.

“We were on a cruise visiting some of the Hawaiian Islands when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan,” Charles explained. “It was incredible, but we were kept informed of what was happening the entire time. The cruise line took us out to sea for about 25 miles to avoid getting hit ourselves. It was definitely a new and once-in-alifetime experience for all of us.”…

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Enjoying Many Travel Choices

It only took a postcard in her mailbox to pique Lynn Meyer’s interest in learning about Cruise, Travel and Attractions. It sounded like a good idea, Great photo of a Florida beachand it was just a short trip to the nearby office to find out more. It turned out to be the first step to many journeys she’s taken with her husband Bill.

We went with a very open mind to hear what the program was about,” said Lynn.

Bill jumped in saying, “It turned out very interesting.” He continued by explaining that the Cruise, Travel and Attractions folks actively work to find out where you would like to visit – then they come up with suggestions.

“It’s kind of a neat idea,” Bill said.

The Meyers have been members since the summer of 2009, and they were anxious to try a variety of plans offered by CTA Vacations. For example, they wanted to visit Florida’s panhandle, so the staff at Cruise, Travel and Attractions presented several options from which to choose.

“We went for a week at a condo at Emerald Beach, and we were extremely pleased,” Lynn said. “It was just as they said it would be.”

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Business Travel with Luxury Style

Robert Moe has been a member of Cruise, Travel and Attractions for a couple of years now and, although he travels quite a bit for his job, he admits that he has yet to take a vacation.

“I travel for my work,” Moe said. “I haven’t had time to plan a trip yet.” Moe’s job takes him all over the country. He’s recently been to Nebraska, South Dakota and Kentucky. And because he is always working, he has little time to spend in fine restaurants or visiting tourist attractions. In spite of that, he is quite happy that he joined Cruise, Travel and Attractions.

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Melbourne, Florida

Originally known as Crane Creek, Melbourne was a small community nestled in a natural harbor of the Indian River Lagoon at a time when barge traffic was vitally important to the prosperity of the area. It eventually became known as Melbourne, a name that was adopted because the new post office required one.

It’s named for Melbourne, Australia, where Cornthwaite John Hector, the new postmaster, had spent much of his life. It is said that Hector preferred a different name, but Mrs. R. W. Goode is credited with the suggestion. After drawing straws, the name “Melbourne” was a clear winner.

To the north, a sister settlement known at Eau Gallie began to grow. Ultimately, the two communities merged, officially becoming one town in 1969. Even today, Melbourne features two distinct downtown areas.

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Condos in Florida’s Brevard County Taking Off

Space Coast Condos

Condominium dwellers along Florida’s Space Coast can look out their windows or sit on their balconies and drink in magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, scenic rivers or peaceful inlets. On occasion, they can also enjoy a close-up look at a space shuttle roaring skyward.

The condo market in Brevard County, which claims much of the 75 miles of beautiful beaches surrounding Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, is soaring as well.

One example of the juxtaposition of the serenity of the ocean and the exhilaration of a space launch is the condominium community of 3800, located in the island town of Cocoa Beach, just south of the Space Center. The community is situated just off State Highway A1A, facing the Atlantic, where residents might see a cruise ship docking one day and a shuttle racing toward the space station the next.

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Discount Vacation Travel

Cruises, Travel, and Attractions Helps You Discover Your Florida Side


For the most part, if you want to take a memorable vacation and get the most for your hard-earned cash, you have two options: You can sacrifice price in the name of convenience by seeking the services of a traditional travel agent, or you can spend countless hours staring at your computer screen all hours of the day and night, anxiously waiting for airlines and cruise companies to temporarily drop their prices.

If you choose to hire a travel agent, you run the risk of paying more than you really should for an exhilarating cruise out of a Florida port or a relaxing week along the beautiful white sand beaches of Florida’s panhandle. However, if you decide to fly solo, you might not even notice as you sail right past some of the best deals available in the sometimes confusing world of travel. Even experienced surfers must eventually face the responsibilities of their day job and occasionally seek the solace of sleep.

There is an alternative, however, that not only eliminates wasteful spending but also does away with the need to visit multiple websites, desperately searching for that perfect deal – the one that fits your schedule, fulfills your dreams and falls within the guidelines of your own budget. Cruises, Travel and Attractions is now open in Tampa, Florida, and offering discounts and services to Florida residents. CTA bridges the gap between financial considerations and customer service by customizing any type of vacation, anywhere in the world at the lowest price possible – then sweetening the pot by rebating part of the cost of the vacation back to you.

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